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Our New Image Program

Huge Mitsubishi Dealer Renovation Underway

5,000 stores worldwide will part of the rebranding efforts
and Ajax Mitsubishi will be the first!





Keep Up to Date with Construction at Ajax Mitsubishi:

We have big news about renovations coming soon to our brand new store!

Mitsubishi Canada has announced a plan for rebranding its dealerships. Ajax Mitsubishi has been chosen to transition to the brand new look as part of the new global strategy.

The new plan comes straight from decision-makers in Japan and supplants a Canadian imaging program that began in 2017.
Mitsubishi Canada spokeswoman Michelle Lee-Gracey confirmed that Mitsubishi is working in partnership with the few dealerships who have recently renovated into the older format to convert them to the new dealer image.

Luckily for our customers, we will be the first dealership redone in the new image program, slated for early in 2019.


  • New black exterior signage with use of red accents and a dynamic slope with the Mitsubishi Motors Brandmark
  • Glass surrounding the dealership
  • A black and red entrance gate
  • Black wall with brand mark anchors a reception area
  • New, renovated lounge area
  • An exclusively electric vehicle area, which showcases the EVs and
  • An all-new drive-thru service area

The new dealer image program is paid for by the dealer with support from Mitsubishi Canada, Lee-Gracey said.

"This is a new image program aligned with a global image program announced [Wednesday] in Canada and globally from Mitsubishi Motors Corp. It has evolved from the new image reported last year in Canada," Lee-Gracey said in an email to

Quebec dealer group HGregoire, which owns two Mitsubishi stores, is one of the other franchise owners affected by the changes. Its Laval store was revamped in November using the Mitsubishi dealer image in effect at that time. It also owns the Mitsubishi Vaudreuil store, which was recently acquired.

Those stores will be renovated in the future to match this new look from Mitsubishi Canada, starting with Mitsubishi Vaudreuil an HGregoire spokeswoman said. The renovations for Mitsubishi Vaudreuil should start before the end of the year.

The first of what was then new-look facilities opened at Rallye Mitsubishi in Gatineau, Que., in April 2017. The program was to be implemented across the country during the next five years.

Despite having to renovate his stores, HGregoire President John Hairabedian said he supports the change.

"We believe it's in line with our vision of a redefined experience. We are pleased to renovate our stores in this new image since we always want to offer the best experience to our customers," he said in a statement.

For more information check back soon or visit Automotive News Canada to read the original article about the exciting news.